Yoga & Retreats

Yoga Schedule:


Monday          12:00-1:15pm |  Flow & Restore | Emily 


Tuesday          7:00-8:00am | Gentle Flow | Ashley 

                        5:00-6:00pm | Yin | Ashley 


Wednesday     9:30-10:45am  | Slow Flow | Emily

                        12:00-1:15pm  | Vinyasa | Caitlin


Thursday         7:00-8:00am | Gentle Flow | Ashley 

                         5:00-6:00pm | Restore | Ashley 


Friday               9:30-10:45am | Vinyasa | Caitlin

                        12:00-1:00pm  | Gentle Flow | Caitlin


Saturday           8:00-9:15am | Flow & Restore | Michelle


Our space here at Free Spirit is limited so please CALL or TEXT to reserve your spot. 801-745-3630  

Drop-in $20
5 class pack $80
10 Class Pack $140


We offer one-on-one yoga privates and small group privates.


One-on one:
One-on-one Yoga privates offer an opportunity for you to dive deeper into your yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Yogi, privates allow you the space and time to focus on your specific goals and needs. Privates will be curated just for you and approached in a holistic manner, having your past, present, and future self in mind. Privates can be the perfect opportunity to gain initial experience to feel more confident and comfortable or an opportunity to target a specific pose or part of the body.


 Small group privates:
Small group Yoga privates is the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of a one-on-one private just with the people you love in a safe, intimate setting.
Small group privates are a unique experience and great for special occasions; reunions, birthdays, date-night, or even for you and your coworkers!


Free Spirit Retreat
Call us to reserve and curate a custom mini retreat at our Spa. Gather your friends and family and have the whole Spa to yourself. Everyone gets to create their personal experience by choosing services from our list of Spa Services and Yoga.


Specialty Tea Service and Catering
Option to add nourishing food to your experience.
Hang out in our lounge area as you connect and catch up with your friends or family while snacking on delicious treats.
Tea Service:  a selection of warming organic teas plus a sweet or savory treat.
$25 for 2ppl
$35 for 3ppl
$45 for 4ppl
Catering: We offer the option to cater your mini retreat with us. Call us to talk favorite, and not so favorite foods.


Meet the Instructors

Caitlin took her first yoga class in college in 2015 at the University of Vermont and instantly felt at home in her mind and body-she knew that this powerful practice would now always be a part of her life.

Caitlin received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Truckee, CA in 2019 and since then has focused on trauma informed yoga, completing a training in San Francisco and continuing with her own personal study - she is currently receiving her 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Front in Ogden, UT.

Her classes here at Free Spirit will be a reflection of who is in class. Classes will be personally tailored and curated to provide a safe and effective practice for all. Caitlin believes yoga is an extremely powerful tool for self regulation. The goal of her classes is to promote and practice self-regulation: cultivating a sense of safety, groundedness, and presence in the body. Her classes will be a combination of movement, mindfulness practices/mind-body connection awareness, and breath work.

Caitlin is originally from Vermont and moved to Ogden in July 2023. Yoga aside, you can find Caitlin cooking in the kitchen, planning her next adventure, eating dark chocolate, or getting cozy with a book or podcast.

Emily combines her experience as a social worker, physical therapy assistant, and yoga teacher to practitioners of all ages to offer an inclusive yoga experience that restores the body and calms the mind. Recognizing that the body feels different with each day, each season of the year and each phase of life, she incorporates a dynamic approach to movement and breath work to cultivate mobility, balance and inner strength. Her focus is to soften into the more subtle benefits of slowing down to attune the body and mind.

Drawing from her background in Restorative, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Core Power and Prenatal yoga, Emily finds a new practice every day, bringing together a sense of play, with flows that are always changing. She uses trauma sensitive care and an open mind to meet the needs of the class in front of her.

Utah is a haven for exploring mountains, deserts, rivers and lakes. Emily spends her free time appreciating yoga through mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding and paddle boarding alone or with her husband and two daughters.