Spa Services



Holistic Mountain Massage

Our signature therapeutic massage integrates classic Swedish, Hawaiian and Eastern modalities, bringing your mind to a place of inner stillness while renewing your physical body.  This is a light to moderate pressure massage.

$65 - 30 min | $95- 60 min $120 - 75 min $150 - 90 min

Chakra Massage 

A deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles, reflexology for the feet, and energy work for each of the chakras. A guided meditation enhances the benefits of stress relief, decreasing muscular tension and increasing energy.

$120 - 60 min  $150 - 90 min 

Warm Fusion Stone Massage

Essential oils will encompass the senses while opposing sensations of warm stones and a Holistic Mountain Massage balances, soothes, and deeply relaxes your muscles.

$120 - 60 min | $150 - 90 min 

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

We recommend 90 minutes for deep tissue, that way we have the time to spend in certain areas that you might request. Deep tissue is a much firmer pressure that uses long slow work to release tension and muscle adhesions. Great for rehabilitating long term/chronic injuries.

$130 - 60 min | $150 - 75 min | $185 - 90 min  

Thai Yoga Massage

This massage is also called “Lazy man’s yoga” because the practitioner will use a series of facilitated techniques to stretch and bend the body, as well as incorporate massage strokes and manipulations. This is ideal for tight hips or shoulders, runners, skiers, etc.  

$150 - 60 min | $185 - 90 min

Stress-Fix Massage 

The stress-fix massage - clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress - combines the power of Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, foot reflexology and our stress relieving aroma, which is infused with organic French lavender, lavandin and clary sage.

*This treatment includes a take home wellness gift of a Stress-Fix Concentrate rollerball

$175 - 90 min   

Aroma Reflexology Foot Massage

Pressure is applied to various parts of the feet which correspond to vital systems of the body. Reflexology is believed to increase circulation, release blocked energy and relieve stress. Warm foot compress, followed by a head massage and then focused work on the feet leave you feeling balanced.

$75 - 50 min

Cranial Sacral

Gentle traction and pressure techniques on the cranial bones release restrictions and tension. This therapy restores the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and proper balance within the system.

$65 - 30 min | $95 - 60 min 


 $65 - 30 min      |      $120 - 60min      |      $150 - 90min


Essential Facial

Our signature facial delivers a surge of essential hydration to combat the harsh elements of our dry desert climate. Based on your skin’s specific needs, we integrate essential oils into each step: From dry and dehydrated to sensitive, oily and congested skin, we personalize this facial specifically for you. 

Essential Back Facial

The hard-to-reach area of your back is tended to during this deep-cleansing, warmed masque and massage. Shoulders, neck and back are purified, refined and hydrated.


Eye Renewal Treatment

Special attention is given to the delicate eye area to soften the signs of aging, reduce puffiness and refresh tired eyes.

$50 - 30 min

Plant Peel

A safe alternative treatment for Glycolic Acid Peels which reduces skin irritation and inflammation. This self-heating peel exfoliates dull skin cells while smoothing visible lines and wrinkles.

$20 - 15 min

$20 Eye Brow Waxing
$20 Eye Brow or Eye Lash Color



Essential Pedicure

Our signature therapeutic indulgence. Relax in a warm foot soak of sea salts blended with your chosen essential oils followed by a creamy exfoliating leg and foot polish and replenishing moisture massage, complete with detailed nail care and polish.

$65 - 60 min

add $20 - Gel Polish

add $20 - Gel Polish Removal

Essential Manicure

$40 - 45min




60 min Holistic Mountain Massage, 30 min Facial
$160 - 90min




Chakra Massage, Guided Meditation, Chakra Pedicure

$195 - 2.5 hrs



Stone Massage, Aroma Reflexology Foot Massage

$225 - 2.5hrs



Beautifying Body Treatment, Essential Facial, Eye Renewal Treatment,
Pedicure & Manicure 
 $465 - 4.5 hrs