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July 2018 Class Schedule



8:00-9:00am       Core w/Restore                        Allison



9:15-10:15am        Intermediate Pilates Mat            Lorrie  

5:30-6:30pm         Slow Flow/Yin                           Charlotte 



9:00-10:00am        Sculpt                                              Joy

10:30-11:30am      Beginner Pilates Mat                    Lorrie 

5:30-6:30pm         Flow & Restore                            Emily  



9:00-10:00am         Vinyasa Flow                               Joy

5:30-6:30pm            Slow Flow/Yin                            Michelle



8:00-9:00am           Flow & Restore                             Joy

9:30-10:30am         Sculpt                                            Joy

10:45-11:45am        Yin                                                 Emily 



9:00-10:00am          Vinyasa Flow                               Michelle


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Class Descriptions:


Astanga Vinyasa Short Form

A system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). Involving synchronizing breath with a progressive series of postures – a process producing intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a strong body and a calm mind.

Core with Restore

Core strengthening work along with restorative practice with supported floor postures cultivates deep relaxation, tension release, stress management, and rejuvenation. Restore Yoga fosters your body’s innate healing capacity & nourishes your physiology and nervous system. All levels.

Power Flow

Invigorating flow class that will have you moving and breathing between longer held postures. Come prepared to take on new challenges and experiment with rapid movement through sun salutations and variations in twists, backbends, hip openers and more.


Blend of Pranayama (breath) and Asana(poses), with emphasis on flow, movement, balance and intention. Build your serenity, flexibility & stamina.

Slow Flow & Yin

Perfect for beginners or those seeking a restful and healing practice. The first half of this class is designed to gently warm the body with a slow, mindful vinyasa flow. The second half will focus on simple poses that you hold for longer periods of time to lengthen the deeper connective tissues in your spine, hips and other joints.

Yin Yoga

Relax in simple poses that you hold for longer periods of time, typically 5-7 minutes in supported postures, creating an opportunity to lengthen the deeper connective tissues in your spine, hips and other joints and to move into a mindfully aware and meditative state.


Vinyasa with light weights designed to strengthen every major muscle group with special focus on legs and core.

Beginner Pilates Mat Class

Teaches the essential components of the Pilates technique, and the basic mat exercises. It also introduces the exercise ball. No previous experience with Pilates is necessary to participate in this class. To ensure a quality experience this class is limited to 8 people.

Intermediate Pilates Mat Class

This class expands on the number and complexity of the exercises learned in the beginner class. It moves at a faster pace and requires a solid understanding of the Pilates starting posture and basic exercises. In addition, exercises using the balls, foam roll, theraband and other small equipment are incorporated.



Class Prices:


  • $20 – Drop-in


  • $60 – 5-Class Pass


  • $90 – 10-Class Pass


  • $160 – 20-Class Pass


  • $150 – Monthly Unlimited (expires 1 month from purchase)


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About Us


Allison Berlin Allison BerlinI’ve been practicing various styles of yoga for over 10 years and am inspired daily by the transformative power of breath, presence and movement. I received my 500 RYT from InBody Academy (D’Ana Baptiste) in 2010 and Healing Heart Yoga Therapy Training in 2012. Yoga makes me happy and my intention is to offer a safe place for personal growth in mind, body and spirit. I am deeply grateful for my many teachers and am honored to share the love, joy and happiness that a yoga practice can bring. I like to have fun. You’ll find my classes to be a light-hearted blend of self-exploration and empowering postures with a strong focus on breath to cultivate space in the body and in the heart.  


Michelle Cunninghame


Michelle completed a 200 hour RYT  in 2012, a 200 hour RYT at YogaLoft with Maggie Odette in 2015 and continues her training at Yoga Hanalei with Bhavani Maki.




Joy Anderson

Joy studied at In Body Academy with D’Ana Babtiste.  Joy brings years of teaching experience and infuses light and laughter into her Power and Vinyasa classes.



Charlotte Evans 


I’m so lucky to have been born, raised and to live in beautiful Eden, Utah, where playing in the dirt and running around wild are made a bit easier. Yoga has been one of my loves for 7 years and I’ve been teaching for over 3. Yoga has become one of the life practices that I rely on to comfort, energize, play, express and feel my way through all of everything. I completed my 200-hour YogaLife teacher training with Maggie Odette in 2014, and 60-hour teaching/business mentorship with Scott Moore in 2016.



Emily McLean

Em portrait

As a child, I loved doing gymnastics and dance as well as sports and outdoor activities.  I loved the way I felt when I was moving my body.  Later in life, I began to search for a new way to shape myself.  A friend invited me to her yoga class.  I immediately felt at home and in tune with something that must have been inside of me all along.

I have been in awe of the way yoga has gently guided me from the beginning,  I am open to the lessons that flow from my mat to my life and know that the learning never ends.  I received my training under the leadership of Erin Menut at The Avenues Yoga in Salt Lake City.  I am grateful to her and many teachers on my path, for their inspiration and encouragement.


Kristi Schwerin, LMT

Kristi has a way of making every client she works with feel special, even elephants! Kristi travelled to Thailand to learn her specialty, training in Thai Massage. Her unique work  is a strong blend of Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue Sports Massage and relaxation/recovery.

Kristi has been serving clients at Free Spirit for over 3 years. She has a fun and free spirited passion for good music, travel, being in the mountains, her friendships, co-workers and animals.







Lorrie Harper, MSPTIMG_1835-210w

Hi, I’m Lorrie Harper, and I’m passionate about helping you achieve a state of strong, vibrant health.

Your body has an amazing ability to reach and maintain this joyful state. If you have the desire to be healthy, I will provide you with the guidance, support, skills and techniques to help you age on your terms … so you feel strong, energized, powerful and centered.

For 25 years I’ve worked as a physical therapist, with 27 years in the fitness industry. I’ve been an athletic trainer, fitness instructor, and a physical therapist in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, schools, therapeutic swimming pools and people’s homes.

My experience has taught me that optimal wellness is multi-faceted. You need to address stress, exercise, nutrition, attitudes and beliefs along with the physical body in all of its complexity.

Using my extensive experience and training, I will help you eliminate areas of recurrent pain and injury by restoring your bodies physical and structural balance. In addition, I will help you develop a wellness plan custom tailored to address your current health and personal wellness goals.