Bhavani Maki Kriya Yoga Workshop May 31-June 2, 2018

We are delighted to announce teacher and author Bhavani Maki is coming back to Eden, Utah at Free Spirit Yoga Studio for a weekend Yoga workshop May 31-June 2, 2018.



About Bhavani Maki:

International Yoga teacher, musician and Yogini, Bhavani began her exploration of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga System in 1987 and has been teaching the Ashtanga System since 1995. She is director and founder of Kauai’s first yoga studio, Yoga Hanalei in 1999 and Ashtanga Yoga Kauai in 1995. Specializing in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Psychology, and Yoga Therapy, Bhavani offers unique insights into discovering greater joy and freedom within one’s self. She is also the author of The Yogi’s Roadmap. You can find Bhavani’s book at Free Spirit Yoga boutique in case you want to do some investigation of the Yoga Sutras before the yoga workshop!  


Kriya Yoga Workshop Pricing

Entire Workshop (5 sessions) $299 before April 30th or $349 after April 30th

Single Sutra Class~$50

Single Asana Class~$75











Bhavani Maki Kriya Yoga Workshop Schedule:




Sutra Class 1- Generating Tapas (Thursday, May 31st 5:45-7:45pm)~$50
Patanjali uses the term Kriya Yoga as the active purification of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. The first aspect he mentions is Tapas, the value of challenging our self to keep us vital and dynamic. We will explore Tapas in reference to the Sutra on practice of asana and pranayama .

Asana Class 1- Standing, Balancing and Twisting (Friday, June 1st 9:15-11:15am)~$75
The Yoga asana can be applied systematically as an act of purification, known as Kriya. This subtle yet profound shift penetrates the physical and subtle bodies in a way that moves energy to uplift and invigorate all of our systems. Standing, balancing and twisting asana will provide the context to explore freedom within the content of our being.

Sutra Class 2- Svadya:  (Friday June 1st 5:45-7:45pm)~$50
The second aspect of Kriya Yoga is Svadhyaya, self-analysis. An inquiry into the nature of Self and how the Sutra encourage the art of unfolding into one’s most authentic Self.

Asana Class 2-Asana for the Nervous System (Saturday June 2nd 9:15-11:45am)~$75
The ancient masters describe strength as the development of Sushumna Nadi, or the central nervous system and Bandha as a point of stability to explore concentrated awareness. This class will work directly with the nervous system as the link between the Earth’s magnetic field and accessing cellular lightness in our personal sphere.

Sutra Class 3- Ishwarapranidhana: Sutra Study (Saturday, June 2nd 2-4pm)~$50
The third aspect of Kriya Yoga is Ishwarapranidhana, recognition that there is a greater perspective that holds all of creation in balance. An inquiry into the nature of the spirit and the soul, and how to leverage one’s Karma into Dharma – our unique offering of self to the Self.







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